Arukone / Number Link


Arukone = Number link, the japanese game published by Nikoli (// no more existing). You are required to link the symbols:
-no crossing
-no empty cell
You may ask for help and reveal one line, but it costs 15 seconds per cell.
This version automatically computes grids, 3 sizes are available. Several solutions may exist for one grid.
You can choose the color of good/bad cells.

Arukone = d'après le jeu japonais publié par Nikoli. Il s'agit de relier les symboles identiques.
- pas de croisement
- pas de case vide
Si vous demandez de l'aide, une ligne sera révélée au coût de 15 secondes par case.
Cette version génère automatiquement les problèmes à l'infini, 3 tailles de grille sont disponibles. Plusieurs solutions sont possibles pour une grille donnée.
Vous pouvez choisir la couleur des cases correctes (OK) / incorrectes (NOK)


  • Up to Down award Arukone: Excelente pasatiempos oriental recomendable para expertos
  • Copied / pillage

  • (2022) The game concept has been (poorly) copied by BITMANGO in the game Line Puzzle / Pipe Art.
    Full of advertisements (well, I understand that you have to make money, but that's too annoying), no random grids, there are only pre-computed grids (always the same), and interesting levels are locked (paid levels?), no statistics about time -which is the most interesting results when you can compare to other players...
    And even not able to make a copy of Arukube, which is the upper level of this game.
  • Download the release 1.3 dated 25-MAR-2008 (50 kB)

  • Compiled for ARM tested on iPAQ hx2750 PPC2003/SE.
    English / Français, rules described in the software / règles incluses.
    Install: just one file to manually copy on your Pocket PC from the zip.
    Installation: copier un seul fichier sur votre Pocket PC depuis l'archive zip.

      History :
    • 1.0: 06-JAN-2008: creation
    • 1.1: 20-JAN-2008: better management of clicks/moves
    • 1.2: none.
    • 1.3: 25-MAR-2008: enhanced drawing speed

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