In this puzzle game, you have to find out where the walls on the edges of hexagons are located, given the number of visible cells from each cells.
This is an original game I have designed.

Dans ce jeu, vous devez trouver l'emplacement des murs situés au bord des hexagones, étant donné le nombre de cases visibles de chaque case.
C'est un jeu que j'ai inventé.

Compiled for ARM tested on iPAQ hx2750 PPC2003/SE.
English / Français, rules described in the software / règles incluses.
Install: just one file to manually copy on your Pocket PC from the zip.
Installation: copier un seul fichier sur votre Pocket PC depuis l'archive zip.

History :

  • 1.0: 29-JAN-2006: creation
  • 1.1: 11-FEB-2006: fixes penalty count bug after a score reset.
  • 1.2: 30-SEP-2006: added a time histogram.
  • 1.4: 06-DEC-2006: enhanced statistics display, and fix memory leak bug (Microsoft TransparentImage() was wrong) that causes crashes on some machines after a while (thanks to Tiggerr for testing).


(2006) Rawalls, Freeware Highlight der Woche @ Mobility News.